Introducing a new beginning [2017]

It’s time to start afresh. It’s time to forget what I was, and what I made this platform of tangled words to be and begin again. A new sense of motivation and inspiration – whether it’ll last forever, or even a day – a fresh beginning will always help. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t just trashed all my old posts, they mean something and can be found here. There’s a couple of gems in there, that may or may not one day resurface, but for now, I’m happily locking them away whilst I take a deep breath.

Above: a select few things that make me incredibly happy.💖

I don’t know whether an introduction is necessary. Maybe you know me, or maybe you don’t. Either way, not much has changed. I’m a twenty-two, indecisive writer that has no idea in which direction I should be heading. Sometimes I loop, sometimes I sprint forward and sometimes I stay still while I sleep away my days. I’m still figuring it out, but all I know is that I am a writer, and I have a lot to say – doesn’t everyone who owns a blog?

I’ve no idea how to present myself on social media. I’ve never tried to appeal to the masses, and therefore, I mostly have no idea how to get my words into the big world where people can hear or read them. I have no desire for popularity – I’m the last person who would thrive in the glowing lights of fame. I would love to be a person that could – to be a person who influences, who motivates and who helps those who come across this page that’s more than likely lost in the blogisphere, but all I want, is to document my own journey. Perhaps through my own, I can support others. Perhaps through my own, others can see that there is a light at the other end of the tunnel.

So here it is, a fresh page entirely undocumented. Welcome to, well, my own definition of paradise.

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21 thoughts on “Introducing a new beginning [2017]

  1. Sometimes when things are confusing and you’re not sure which way to go, it’s just best to start anew. I hope that by starting fresh you find some clarity and enjoy yourself as you set out on your journey.


  2. Hi dear! welcome to blogging society! Just be yourself and share what you want to share. Be open to criticisms to as this will be one way of learning too. And make sure you are doing and enjoying at the same time. Cheers!


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